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                Musical "Sleeping Beauty"

     Musical "The Tale of Silly Baby Mouse"

 Children's musical "The Tale of Silly Baby Mouse"

Vadim Tur, on poems by Samuil Marshak.
Music, script notes backing.

This musical tale written for children and their parents as well as children's and professional musical theater, vocal and choral studios.

 There are a lot of funny characters, a variety of music and fun.

  In 2009, the issued notes of the musical "The Tale of Silly Baby Mouse" for piano, soloists, choir and vocal ensemble.

 In subsequent years, the musical was staged in many creative collectives in Russia and in other countries (USA, Germany, Czech Republic, and others.)

 Musical stage production involves the use of an instrumental soundtrack (minus one), and the alternation of vocal numbers with dance scenes.

 Original music and unusual musical techniques combined with modern sound, dance rhythms.

 The script of the musical based on the popular poem SY Marshak. Music written by composer and arranger Vadim Tur, author of music for films, plays, popular songs ...

 Existing characters:

Mouse, Mouse, Duck, Frog, Horse, Pig, Chicken, Pike, Cat.

Also involved in the formulation of the choir or vocal ensemble, many dance scenes ("Dancing horses" and others).

  On this page, you can listen online and download music from the musical, as well as get acquainted with the notes and Minus One.

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Sheet music of the musical "The Tale of Silly Baby Mouse"

Vadim Tur, Samuil Marshak

Publishing house "Neva note" 2009


 • Chicken (notes):

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  Page 2

• Dancing horses - MP3

• Chicken (minus one) - MP3