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Musical - Fantasy


Composer - Vadim Tur

Lyrics by Vasily Zhukovsky

Musical performance in 2 acts for the whole family

Musical script

 Musical - fantasy "Sleeping Beauty", a modern interpretation of the amazing story of a magical dream and the all-conquering power of love. Hero - our contemporary, inspired by the legend of Sleeping Beauty, penetrates from the real world into the fantasy world, where overcomes the curse a witch and finds his dream.

Magic and mysticism, magic duels and transformation, fantastic animals, led by the dragon standing guard over the evil spell create a vivid world of fantasy - genre has acquired a lot of popularity in recent times.

At the heart of the musical scenario is a fairy tale "Sleeping Princess" and the poems of the great classical and romantic poetry Russian Vasily Zhukovsky. Composer - Vadim Tur, author of the popular musical for children "The Tale of a stupid little mouse", music and songs for films.


The musical palette of the musical elements used in a variety of styles - jazz, rock music, hip-hop and other genres, united by a common musical dramaturgy and giving musical musical diversity and modernity..

Of particular importance shall be the style of the ancient, authentic Russian folklore in a modern exposition in some scenes of the musical, which contributes to the creation of national color.

A variety of dance numbers, colorful scene of mysticism and magic, folk festivals, images of magical animals - all this creates a spectacular show in the style of fantasy fun for both children and adults.



Princess                                      soprano

Prince (Biker)                             tenor

Matthew King                            baritone

Queen                                         mezzo-soprano

Bayan                                          baritone

Kind Sorceress                           soprano

Witch (Spinner)                          mezzo-soprano

Old man                                       baritone

Krayfish                                        tenor       

Proclaimers, clowns, guards, yard, court musicians, boys and girls, bikers.

The action takes place in ancient times in the fairy kingdom - state and in our time.


In 2016, the notes were created (piano sheet music) musical Sleeping Beauty for soloists, mixed chorus (vocal ensemble) and piano. Also in the libretto registered individual solo orchestral parts. The total score of a musical composition is designed for small Symphonic Orchestra or the creation of soundtracks minus (minus one).

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Sleeping Beauty Musical - Overture

Musical Sleeping Beauty - Medley