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Filmography, soundtracks.

Sleeping Beauty

Tale of a Silly Baby Mouse

Music, script, notes, backing tracks.

Audio, video, text, backing tracks, children's songs.

Press Release

Vadim Tur - composer, songwriter, musician, arranger.

 His works multifaceted and diverse. Among his works are music for films, musicals, songs, instrumental music. And in all these genres, he strives not to follow the cliches and find his original style, his musical language. The author closely within one musical genre. In his work he uses a synthesis of various musical styles, from neo-classical to modern electronic music styles. 


To a large degree, the talent of the composer is reflected in his music for the film. A characteristic feature of his work is the desire to find an original melody, combined with the modern means of musical expression. Also, representatives from the world of cinema mark of professionalism, organically musical thinking, musical humor. The ability to be concise and minimal means to reveal the musical image, impressed many directors. Yet, in some cases, on the contrary, music may become a driving force in the drama movie. 


 In his song creativity author touches upon such topics as the spiritual world, the meaning of life, the struggle between good and evil. On this occasion, well told journalist Nikolai Kavin: "There is a sense that our lives back desire, the desire of the spiritual ... and people in the music starts to search for something meaningful, musical world in tune with the heart ..." Speaking of the songs of Vadim Tur, music critics celebrate their original musical world, modern musical language. Some songs are so deployed, so rich musical palette is that it is difficult even to name the songs. 


 Children's musical genre has a special place in the works of the composer. Musical for children "The Tale of a Silly Baby Mouse",  a poem written by Samuel Marshak. Bright musical language, unusual musical techniques combined with modern sound, dance rhythms. At the same time, the music is accessible and interesting for both children and adults. It is no coincidence, for the musical interest has arisen not only in many cities in Russia and abroad - the US, Germany and others.

 In 2016 Vadim Tur was created musical fantasy "Sleeping Beauty" on the works of Vasily Zhukovsky. This is a new, modern interpretation of the legendary story of the all-conquering power of love. The idea behind the product was the desire to create a "Broadway" musical, but with a Russian soul. The musical palette elements of jazz, rock music, hip-hop are combined with the style of the ancient, authentic Russian folklore in the modern manner, which promotes the creation of national color. A variety of dance numbers, colorful scene of mysticism and magic you can create a spectacular show in the style of fantasy fun for both children and adults.

 Vadim Tur works hard as a musician and arranger. He collaborated with many artists, including Mikhail Boyarsky, Eduard Khil, Albert Assadulin, Sergey Savchenko, as well as young artists working in contemporary styles. In his arrangements, he combines a "classic", a professional approach and the latest technology. Able to reveal the image as much as possible, laid in a musical composition. 

 This makes it a versatile musical education in areas - composition, music theory, academic choir; possession of a number of musical instruments.

 The composer is working with charitable organizations. Awarded for participation in the cultural activities of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.